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Denver attorney Sam Ventola, is experienced is all areas of probate, estate planning and probate litigation, including:

Estate Planning

We understand that it can be difficult understanding the details of your estate, and that it can be a messy process if not done properly. Your estate is essentially everything you own or have acquired, so it can be problematic to find a good Denver lawyer who is willing to take the time to find your best options at a reasonable cost. Sam's lengthy experience in this field gives him the tools and ability to assess your situation accurately, go through every part of the process with care, and most importantly to make sure you are fully informed and aware of your options.

Probate Proceedings

Many people know what a will is, but not many know how probate is involved. Probate is the court proceeding to enforce the will's contents. A common experience when one is mentioned in a will is a misconstrued determination of distribution of property, debts, and the identification of what specifically is the deceased person's property. Sam Ventola is a very experienced Denver lawyer when it comes to probate, and as stated above, will look at your case honestly and thoroughly at a reasonable cost.

Our Experience

  • Sam Ventola has successfully represented both personal representatives and heirs in probate law matters.
  • Sam Ventola has assisted clients in estate planning by drafting and updating their wills and trusts.

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