Gina Ventola

Ventola Law Gina Ventola Practice Manager


How long have you worked in the legal industry?

Since 1992.  Things have definitely changed along the way, such as technology but I still know how to manually shepherdize a case.

 What motivated you to have a career in the legal field?

I would have to say Alan Dershowitz.  After watching “Reversal of Fortune” and seeing how he utilized his law school students into breaking down the Von Bulow case, I was hooked.  I knew that’s what I wanted to do –  be a member of the team.  I have since read his books “The Best Defense” and “Chutzpah” and that confirmed my decision.

 What excites you about the legal industry?

I love how technology has leveled the playing field for small firms.  With innovations such as cloud-based solutions and Colorado’s e-filing system, it allows all law firms to compete in the market place.

 How do you work with your husband?

I get this question pretty often.  It boils down to this, we do not try to do each other’s jobs.  I do not practice law and he does not run the office.  It works pretty well for us.